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  • 9/11/2012
  • 9/12/2012
Forum Time Room Title
Keynote Speech
Opening Address
Tian Lipu, Commissioner of SIPO
Promote Development of IP Service Industry, Improve Core Competitiveness of Industries
Xia Nong , Deputy Director of Department of Basic Industries of National Development and Reform Commission
Encourage the IPR Transaction and Utilization, Promote Investing and Financing of Patents
Ma Weiye , Director of Patent Management Department of SIPO
Keynote Speech
Providing all-around IP Services to Meet the Global Challenge
—WIPO Patent Information Policy

Xu Ning , Acting Head of International Patent Classification Section, International Classification and WIPO Standards Service
IBM Patent Portfolio Strategy: Present & Future
Leonora Hoicka, Associate General Counsel of IBM Corporation
Case Study on Patent Dispute(I)
Lessons Learned from Apple V. S. Samsung Patent Dispute
Zhang Guangliang , Professor of Law School of Renmin University of China
New Progress in Juridical Protection of Intellectual Property in China
Luo Xia , Judge of the Supreme People’s Court
US Patent Case Law Update
Leonora Hoicka , Associate General Counsel of IBM Corporation
The Main Issues in a Patent Dispute in France
Guillaume de La Bigne , Partner of LLR Industrial Property Firm
World IP Status
Japan’s IP Information Dissemination Policy: Support for Corporations
Astushi Morifuji , Director of Patent Information Policy Planning Office of Japan Patent Office
Patent Information Policy at the EPO
Dr.Guenther Vacek , Director of Product Distribution & Spec. Services of European Patent Office
IP Challenges Abroad
Bischof Beda , Head Patent Expert of Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property
IP Regime in Singapore – Key Areas of Focus and Programmes
Dr. Eric Gan Kok Wah , Capacity Development Department of Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
Practice of Patent Information Application(I)
Patent Information Application of European Enterprises
Dr. Monika Hanelt , President of the Patent Documentation Group
Breaking through the Patent Barriers from Made-in-China to Created-in-China
Cynthia Murphy , Senior Vice President for Thomson Reuters IP Solutions
Enterprises Fly with the Wings of Patent Information Utilization
Zeng Haijun , Vice General Manager of Avic Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd.
IP Strategy of JAPIO about How to Help Japanese Enterprises
Masaaki Hasegawa Masaaki Hasegawa , Director of Business Promotion Section of Japan Patent Information Organization
How Enterprises Plan Strategic Patent Layout in Market Competition
Wu Yan , Deputy Director of IP Management Department of Aviation Industry Corporation of China
Efficient Use of Patent Landscaping Data to Devise A Winning Patent Strategy
Kevin Lifan Luo , General Manager of Legal Affairs for Microsoft Asia-Pacific R&D Group
Government Forum Innovation Patent Information Services in Advanced Information Technological Environment
Openging Address
Gan Shaoning,Deputy Commissioner of SIPO
Development of Cloud Computing in China and Prospect of Innovation
An Hui , Director of CCIDI Institute of Software and Information Service, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Future Vision of Patent Examination Intelligence Sharing – Cloud Patent Examination Solution
Que Dongping , Deputy Director of the Department of Automation,Patent Offi ce, State Intellectual Property Office
USPTO’s Plan and Implementation for Cloud Computing
Toby Bennett , Deputy Director, Office of Program Administration Organization Office of the Chief Information Officer of USPTO
Establishment of the KIPO-Cloud Enterprise Desktop System
Ra Kwang Pyo , Director of Information Management Division of KIPO
Mode and Design of Service Mode of IP Information in Cloud Computing Environment
Yuan Jie , Director General of Chongqing Intellectual Property Office
"Mode and Challenge----Innovation of Patent Information Dissemination and Utilization in Circumstance of Cloud Computing"
Yuan Youlou , Deputy Director General of Guangdong Intellectual Property Office
Promote the Dissemination of Patent Information, Utilizing Advanced Information Technology
Liang Jianjun , Deputy Director ot Shanghai Intellectual Property Service Center
The New World of Connected Devices and Continuous Services
Prakash Sundaresan , Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Asia-Pacific Research and Development Group
Advanced Technology Leading Future
Sun Xiaobin , Expert on Cloud Computing from Tencent
Closing Address
Gong Yalin , Director of Planning Development Department of SIPO
Exhibor Workshop (I)
How to Integrate IP Management Strategies with Everyday Business Process
-NEW Orbit IP Business Intelligence Service Release"

Hou Ruiling ,Asia Pacific Mananger of Questel
Patent Landscape and Evaluation-Application and Subject of Patent Information
Li Ting , Manager of International Affairs and Research Division Section,Property
Professional Patent Information Products and Services based on Deep Processing of Data
Zhang Caixia,Long Li,Ma Chunxiang,East Linden
Exhibor Workshop (II)
The PATENTSCOPE Search System
Sandrine Ammann , WIPO
The Authoritative Content and Innovative Tools Available for patent Research
Ian Pearce , Dialog
The Impact of High-Quality Patent Information on Global Innovation and Strategy
-How STN Can Provide an Information Advantage

Forum Time Room Title
Case Study on Patent Dispute (II)
The Procedure of Confirming IPR and Typical Case Study
Liu Ming , Deputy Director of Personnel and Education Division of Patent Reexamination Board, SIPO
Not Mere Litigation: 337 Investigation at the ITC
Steven E. Adkins , Partner of Allen & Overy LLP
IPR and Foreign Investments
DAVIDE FOLLADOR , Intellectual Property Lawyer of FRANZOSI – DAL NEGRO – SETTI
American Invention Act (AIA) Impact on Chinese Enterprises
Wang Dazuo , Partner of Insight IP Attorneys
Practice of Patent Information Application(II)
Patent Strategy and Patent Information Management of Audi
Josef Lehle , Head of Patents, Trademarks, Design Patents of Audi China
Patent Information & Corporation Investigation
Xie Hongxia , Patent Analyst of Intellectual Property Publishing House
Patent Portfolio Management
Cindy Faatz , Director of Patents, Intel
Patent Management Planning of China Southern Power Grid
Wang Qinghong , Deputy Director of Technology Information Institute, Electric Power Research Institute, CSG
Value Realization of Patent and Information
Yang Xuri , IP Director of Founder Group
EU SMEs and IPR – Lessons Learned
Simon Cheetham , Head of China IPR SME Helpdesk
Global Patent Information – A Challenge for Industry!
Gerold Frers , Head of Patent Search & Information at Siemens AG
New Products and Technology Forum(I)
Patent Search and Translation by Google
Jon Orwant,Engineering Manager of Google
R&D of Technology Promotes Patent Information Services
Zhu Xinyu, Patent Analyst of Intellectual Property Publishing House
Master the information tidein IP-precision searching with STN
Dr.Elke Mueller, Head of STN Sales Industry & IP,FIZ Karlsruhe
Recent Trends of Chinese Patent Search
Atsushi Inoue, li Wu, NGB
The Introduction of Dragon IP
Jingqiang Zhang, Partner, Deputy General Manager and Patent Attorney
Xianwei Zeng, Assistant of General Manager,Director of Electrical Division and Patent Attorney of Dragon Intellectual Property Law Firm
The Authoritative Content and Innovative Tools Available for Patent Research
Dialog Ian Pearce
Introduction to Korean Traditional Knowledge Portal
Jin-seop, KISTI
Patent Operation Forum(I)
Value of Invention
Don Merino, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Asia Licensing Sales of Intellectual Ventures
Monetization of Patents
Jim Brelsford, Senior Vice President for IP Licensing at SanDisk Corporation
IP Transaction Strategies, the Tradeoff between Immediate and Future Revenues
Robin Cefai, Patent Attorney of Sisvel
International Business Scheme for Tech and IPR
Koike Kiyohito, Chairman of IIPP
Workshop (I)
Most User-friendly Patent Search and Analysis
Guan Dian,PatSnap
Total Solution of Patent Search and Analyze
Hou Xin,Senior IP Consultant of LexisNexis
Workshop (II)
SAMSUNG vs.APPLE Patent Portfolio Analysis and Comparison of Patent Competitiveness
Dae Rhee, Director of Sales and Marketing of WIPS
Patent Investigation and Analysis Technology of Toshiba Solution
Cai Yuanhang, Platform Solution Department of Toshiba Solution Co.,Ltd.
New Products and Technology Forum(II)
Information Services by Microsoft Bing
Sean Yang, Engineering Director of Search Technology Center (STC) Asia at Microsoft Bing
James Ying, Senior Program Manager Lead at Microsoft Search Technology Center Asia
Specialized Patent Information Service Nourishing the Technological Innovation
Liu yanhuai,President of East Linden
Company Introduction of WIPS Co.,Ltd
Dae Rhee,Director of Global Sales & Marking,WIPS Co.,Ltd
The Value of Searching beyond the IP5
Michiel de Bruijn,Senior Director Global Business Development &MD,Intellectual Property Solution, LexisNexis n)
Ourchem - To Promote a Strategy of Scientific Innovation & Intellectual Property
Zhang Chi,General Manager of Guangdong Ourchem Information Consulting Co.,Ltd
Dawei’s Total Solution for Patent Lifecycle Management
Pan Xiaomei, General Manager of Dawei Soft
Patent Information Service-the application and Strategy of Patent search
Li Hui,Managing Partner of SanYou
All-around Service Escorting Corporate Innovation and Development
CN Know-How IP Group
Patent Operation Forum(II)
"How to Gain Maximum Profi ts from IP and Make the IP Strategy to Fully Support the Company’s Business Strategy"
Laure van Oudheusden , IP&S General Manager at Philips Group Innovation
IP Issues in Cross-border M&As
Helen Cheng, Intellectual Property Counsel of Allen and Overy LLP.
"Protecting Your Proprietary Technology Interests: What Part Can International Arbitration Play?"
James Roger, Head of Fulbright & Jaworski LLP
How to Maximize the Patent Value
Wang Ningling, Partner, Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP
How to Improve Examination by Means of Patent Information
Luan Ailing, Director of Electric Division of Patent Office, SIPO
"Application of Patent Information to Confirming IPR: Case Study of Invalid Reexamination"
Zhang Peng, Patent Examiner of Patent Reexamination Board of State Intellectual Property Office
Seminar(II) New Product Utilization
New Product Utilization
Design Patent Search and Intelligent Tools
Zhu Xinyu, Patent Analyst of Intellectual Property Publishing House
Multi-Strategy Machine Translation of Patent Literature
Zhang Xiaofei , Researcher of Intellectual Property
Introduction of Patent Information Service Cloud
Meng Xiang, Product Manager of Intellectual Property
Patent Investigation and Intelligent Aid Means
Cheng Xu, Product Manager of Intellectual Property
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