Urgent Notice of Change of CIPAC Venue

We are very sorry to inform you that due to the conflict with major events before China National Day, the venue of CIPAC 2019 will have to be changed to Hangzhou International Expo Center.

Plenary Session  

- Opening Ceremony
- Keynote Speech
- Boosting the development of opening-up economy ...
Shen Changyu Liu Junchen Francis Gurry Raimund Lutz Gan Shaoning Liang Zhixiang
Secretary of Party Committee, Deputy Commissioner
World Intellectual Property Office(WIPO)
Director General
European Patent Office(EPO) 
Vice President
Deputy Commissioner
Vice President & General Counsel
Udo Meyer Toshimoto Mitomo Kasim ALFALAHI Manuel Guzman Mu Hong
Senior Vice President and Head of Global Intellectual Property
Sony Corporation
Corporate Executive
Founder and CEO
CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service)
Chofn Intellectual Property Service CO., ltd.

Breakout Session 1 Forty Years' Opening-up: Ent...  

- What entrepreneurs should do in the middle of a...
- New issues of intellectual property brought by ...
- Interaction between enhancement of IP protectio...
- New expectations towards China’s intellectual ...
Zhou Yu Udo Meyer Cao Jun Tang Wenbin
Vice President
Senior Vice President and Head of Global Intellectual Property
Managing Director
Beijing Megvii Technology Limited
Co-founder & CTO

Breakout Session 2 High Quality Development: Evolution of Manufacture Industry and the Interactio...  

- Intellectual property enhances dynamic of manuf...
- Interaction with Intellectual Property
- Intellectual property accelerates smart manufac...
- Cultivate high-value patents to boost high-qual...
- Independent R&D or Mergers &Acquisitions: intel...
Li Yan Jiang Yinxin
Caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd
China IP Head
Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment
Director of Law and IP

Breakout Session 3 Establishing Integrated Intellectual Property Strategy  

- Management and protection of well-known trademarks
- Use of geographical indications to increase the...
- Economic value of copyright: from content creat...
- Integrated IP management strategy and brand bui...
- Patents, trademarks, copyrights and geographica...
Elliot Papageorgiou Gunther Marten Anna Maria Lagerqvist Gahm Tomonori Okuwaki Liu Huajun Pei Jinlin
European Chamber
National Chair of Intellectual Property Right Working Group
EU Embassy in China
EUIPO IP Attache
Volvo Car Corporation
Senior IP Counsel/Deputy Chief IP Counsel
SONY Corporation
Senior General Manager, Intellectual Property Div.
Fudan University
Researcher of Center for Judicial Studies
The Walt Disney Company (China)
Director of Government Affairs

Breakout Session 4 Patent Information Products and Services  

- Patent Data Coverage
- Patent Search Tools
- Machine Translation
- Patent Management and Analysis Tools

Breakout Session 5 Opportunities and Challenges Posed by IOT to Patent Monetization  

- New Trends in IoT Patent Transactions
- Alliance or Stay Alone? Influence of patent lea...
- Integration and value mining of transfer/licens...
Kasim Alfalahi Su Wang Ken Seddon Jari Vaario
Jingdong Group
Vice President
 Lot Network
Head of Asia IP Regulatory

Breakout Session 6 Patent Litigation under Different Juridical Systems  

- Part1: The latest developments in the world's m...
- Detailed explanation of the amendment to the Ch...
- Interpretation of the typical cases of IP dispu...
- Analysis of Typical American IP cases
- Part2: Panel discussion: reducing risk of PAE p...
- Update on PAE patent purchasing and litigation ...
- Reduce patent infringement claims and mitigate ...
- Hear in-house experts discuss strategies for ad...
Will Chuang Robert Earle Chen Jianmin Ken Seddon
RPX Corporation
Senior Vice President
Assertion and Enforcement, IPR & Licensing, Ericsson Inc. 
Vice President
Chang Tsi& Partners
 Lot Network

Breakout Session 7 Obtaining Strong Patents Internationally  

- Strategies and tips for effective patent protec...
- Different approaches to functional claiming
- Procedural tools to accelerate prosecution and ...
- Best practices for drafting a patent applicatio...
Jonathan Osha Bertrand Loisel
First Deputy Reporter General
French and European Patent Attorney

Breakout Session 8 A New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Starts a New Era of Patent Informa...  

- The construction of an open and innovative plat...
- Transformation and application of innovative ac...
- AI-optimized patent information utilization
- Future patent examination: the improvement of e...
- AI: the tool to give a comprehensive perspectiv...
- When IP meets AI: using AI and machine learning...
Wang Shijin
Iflytek CO.,LTD.
Deputy Dean

Breakout Session 9 Spring of IP Monetization: Patent Finance  

- Patent into Cash: successful case study of pate...
- Patent Insurance makes "going global" more reas...
- Risk control of patent financing
- The new business model of intellectual property...
- Merging of fintech with intellectual property: ...
Rodger Sadler John Orcutt Tom Carver
Legal & Intellectual Property 
Managing Director And Head
Law School of New Hampshire University
J A Kemp

Breakout Session 10 The Protection of Intellectual Property in the Digital Economy Era  

- The object of patent protection in the Internet
- Analysis of typical IP cases of 2017 in the int...
- Analysis of typical reexamination cases of 2017...
Miao Gao Ji Yu
European Patent Office
China Jiliang University
Associate Professor

Breakout Session 11 Exploring New Tools and Techniques for Performing Comprehensive IP Search  

- An Overview of Access to Technical and Patent I...
- From the Early Days of Patent Searching to a Ne...
- Growing Transparency of Examination in the PCT ...
- Techniques & Tools for Conducting Comprehensive...
- User Experience in FTO Patent Search/Analysis o...
- Exploring New Business Fields from the Core Tec...
Ron Kaminecki Heiko Wongel Lutz Mailander YunYun Yang Lily Wang Izumi Tsuzuki
PIUG Board
Director, Patent Information Promotion
Head, Cooperation on Examination and Training Section
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Senior Patent Analyst
Wuxi Biologics 
IP Counsel, Associate Director, Biologics Discovery
Patent Search Grand Prix (Japan)
Ph.D., past Vice-Chair
Ron Kaminecki
PIUG Board