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Plenary Session 9:00-12:00, September 5th

Opening Ceremony Plenary Hall A,4F


Coordinator: Zhu Mingang, President, Intellectual Property Publishing House Co., Ltd

Opening address by SHEN Changyu, Commissioner, SIPO

Coordinator: Wu Handong, Former President, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

Keynote Speech

Plenary Hall A,4F


Strengthening Protection of IP and Promoting "Made-in-China 2025"

LUO Wen,Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Strengthen the Application of IP Protection, Promote the Healthy Development of the Real Economy

HE Hua, Deputy Commissioner, SIPO

Efficient Mining and Utilization of IP Information, Driving the Global Innovation

Yoshiyuki Takagi, Assistant Director General, WIPO

Sound IP Strategy Promotes Manufacturing Enterprises

DONG Mingzhu, Board chairman of Gree Electric Appliances


Tea Break

Keynote Speech

Plenary Hall A,4F


IP Strategy: 50 Years in the Making

Andy Sherman, EVP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary of Dolby Laboratories, INC

Sharing Wisdom and Enabling Innovation

Mark Snyder, Senior Vice President, Qualcomm

Innovation, Standardization and FRAND in the Telecom Industry

Noreen Krall, Vice President and Chief Litigation Counsel for Apple Inc.

Leveraging IP for Development and Growth in the Convergence ERA

John David Flynn, Associate General Counsel of IBM Headquarters

A Strategic Opportunity in A New Era of Strict IP Protection

MU Hong, President, Chofn Intellectual Property Co., Ltd.


Breakout Sessions and Exhibitor Workshops 13:30-18:00, September 5th

Breakout Session 1
Patents Facilitate Transforming and Upgrading of Real Economy

Room 309

2017 is the first year for revitalization of real economy in China. On one hand, innovation, which is embodied in management, service and marketing models other than technology and products, is essential driving force for the growth of real economy. Internet, digitalization and sharing economy makes the innovation of real economy more diversified. On the other hand, intelligent manufacturing is the main sector that leads the growth of real economy. The convergence of new technologies including AI, IoT, 3D printing, 5G telecommunication with traditional industries is accelerated. Correspondently, the M&A, outsourcing of R&D, IP licensing is more common during the corporate operation. Therefore, the infringement risk is raised, which is caused by the diversified and complicated innovation system. This session is composed of three parts. Part 1 will bring together 4-5 senior executives from operating companies to have a dialogue on the innovative accomplishment, difficulties and the strategic position of IP on the way of business transforming and upgrading. Part 2 will be unfolded around developing internal patent strategy and smartly introducing external IP to keep competitiveness. Part 3 will bring together the in-house counsels from companies specialized in AI, IoT, driverless car and 3D printing to share their insight on IP.
Part 1 Dialogue; Innovation in the Name of Prosperity of Real Economy


- What we have achieved in innovation?

- What difficulties we have met during innovation?

- IP in the Strategic Eye of Business


Coordinator: CHEN Hongbing, Director of WIPO Office in China

Panelists :

SONG Liuping, Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, Huawei Technologies
XIANG Weimin, Vice President, Midea Group
John David Flynn, Associate General Counsel of IBM Headquarters
ZHOU Li, Board Secretary, NONGFU SPRING
WU Yuxia, Deputy Managing Director , Jiang Su Heng Rui Medicine Co., Ltd


Coordinator: ZHANG Ping, Assistant Dean, Intellectual Property Institute of Peking University

Panelists :

MA Jian, Head of China Patent Team, Microsoft
Tsukamoto Masashi, General Manager of Intellectual Property Department, Hitachi, Ltd.
XU Fang, Chief Technology Officer, Shenyang SIASUN Robot Automation Co., Ltd.
CHEN Yuanqing, Director of Intellectual Property Department, Lenovo
Gerold Frers, Director of Patent Search and Information Department, Siemens

Breakout Session 2
Evolving Global Patent Monetization Market

Room 311

It is patent licensing that dominates the global patent monetization market, which is even clearer in the telecommunication industries. As the patent litigation tends to last for long and end with lose-lose, the corporations prefers to negotiate on patent licensing. In order to adapt to the technology revolution and convergence, some rules of patent licensing is changing, with new models produced. Recently, the patent transaction went dull. The big transaction seldom was seen and the overall transaction plunged by large scale. In 2016, operating corporation firstly surpassed NPE and became the biggest buyer. The patent brokers try their best to make the deal done between the sellers and buyers. When the venture meets IP, what chemistry will be induced? The means of patent financing varies with different market environment, leaving us both experiences and lessons. The U.S., Europe and China markets are characterized by different jurisdiction, policy and economic growth. But all of them have their own difficulties to solve. The session is composed of three parts, introducing the updates of IP transaction, licensing and financing in the above three markets.
Part 1 Latest Practice of Patent Licensing
Coordinator: Mark Snyder, Senior Vice President, Qualcomm


- Patent Licensing in the Sector of AI

- Constructing New Patent Pool

- Transition of European Corporations: From Real Economy to Patent Monetization

- Update in SEP Licensing


Standard Essential Patent License under the FRAND Commitment

Steve Wang, Senior Legal Counsel,Apple Inc.

A New Way Forward

Kirk Dailey, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Marconi Group

Patent Utilization Report on WLAN Safety and Technical Standards

CAO Jun, Managing Director, IWNCOMM

Judgment and Inspiration of European Patent War between Huawei and ZTE

ZHANG Jianguo, Patent Monetization Consultant, China Science & Trademark Agent Ltd.

SSOs, SEPs and FRAND – A Current Appraisal

Jay P. Kesan, Professor and Director, Program in Intellectual Property & Technology Law, University of IIIinois at Urbana-Champaign

Leveraging IP and Collaboration to Create Value in Emerging Technologies

SUN Bin, Chief Legal Officer,XIAOMI

“Break Deadlock”—How to Achieve the Intellectual Property Operation in “Intellectual Property + Capital” Mode

ZHENG Taiqiang, President, Lung Tin Intellectual Property Agent Ltd.

Breakout Session 3
IP Protection in China

Room 310

With the further development of economic globalization and international trade, the protection status of IPR in a country has been seriously taken into account by enterprises as the new entrants of the market. In recent years, the intellectual property protection in China has attracted worldwide attention. In early 2017, the Nanjing, Suzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan IP Courts were successively established, following Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong. With the increase in punitive damages and the issuance of temporary injunctions, China is gradually becoming a top forum favored by patent litigators. Under the "double track" system led by judicial protection for IPRs, the exploration of administrative protection in China has never ceased. Changzhou and Foshan took the lead in setting up Intellectual Property Protection Centers in China, to achieve coordinated synthesis of rapid right validation, rapid rights enforcement, quick examination and granting. Facing the patent infringement, which way should the patent owner choose to appeal to for better effect? What protection will the Intellectual Property Protection Centre provide for the IPR owners? In addition, the reform of IP comprehensive administration is improving, the administrative system integrating patent, trademark and copyright have been applied in some pilot areas. How could the new system effectively improve the efficiency of administrative work and enhance the effectiveness of intellectual property protection?
Coordinator: XU Yan, General Manager of IP Department, Tencent


- Intellectual Property Cases ruled by the new local intellectual Property court

- Juridical Protection or Administrative Protection: How to make the better choice

- Case Study: the Effective Use of Temporary Injunction

- Progress in the reform of IP comprehensive administration


Customs Are Taking Action for Intellectual Property Protection

HUANG Jianhua, Director of the IP Division, Department of Policies and Regulations, General Administration of Customs of China

Judicial Protection on the Way

WANG Dongyong, Adjudication Supervision Judge of Beijing Intellectual Property Court

Improvement and Innovation of Patent Right Authentication System in China

WANG Hu, Director of Legal Affairs Departement, IP Office of Chongqing Municipality

Interpretation on Patent Infringement Litigation Status in China

Pramath Malik, VP Business Development at Dolcera

Changzhou Action of Intellectual Property Protection

LI Qiang, Director, Changzhou Intellectual Property Protection Center (for Robot and Intelligent Hardware)
GUO Weihong, Director of Intellectual Property Department, Nuctech Company Limited

Patent protection from the view of tort liability law

WANG Baojun, Partner, Direcor of Patent Department, Unitalen

Breakout Session 4
Utilization of Patent Information in Context of AI

Room 308

Patent information services are inevitably affected by the Fourth Industrial Revolution marked by AI, big data, cloud computing, and IoT. At present, the application of AI is one of the driving forces in patent information market. The competition of AI is not only confined to the internet tycoons, but also involves the patent information service providers. So far, the application of AI to the patent information products has attracted great attention: intelligent semantic retrieval, neural machine translation, intelligent analysis...Driven by AI, the future of patent information service is both promising and worth expecting. However, there is common concern whether with the advent of singularity, patent searcher and analysts will eventually be replaced by AI. This session is composed of two parts. Part 1 provides a platform for exhibitors to introduce their tools of patent information utilization. Part 2 will focus on the future of patent information market in context of A.I.
Part 1 Latest Development of Patent Information Utilization and New Product Release
Coordinator: XIE Jing, Director, Division of Documentation Selection, Department of Patent Documentation, Patent Office, SIPO

- Patent Data Coverage

- Patent Search Tools

- Machine Translation

- Patent Management and Analysis Tools

- Legal Status


LexisNexis IP-Patent Workflow

Miao Li,Asia IP Counsel, LexisNexis


How to use WIPS invalidation advisor to save your time in prior art search

Sean Wang,Manager Global Business Development & Consulting,WIPS


From Comprehensive to Accurate——the Latest Development of DI Inspiro

FENG Linlin,Department of Technical Information, IPPH


STNext – The New Gateway for Professional Patent Searching

Ralph Remme, STN Sales Manager, FIZ Karlsruhe, German


How Landscape analysis can drive your business decisions

Victor Wang, CEO, Beijing RWS Science & Technology Information Consultancy Co., Ltd.


International Patent Database: PatBase - Overview and Introduction to the latest search and analytics platform

LU Jia,Chinese Market Development Executive, Minesoft Ltd


Orbit in 2017

HOU Ruiling,Asia-Pacific Director,Questel


Theory and Practice on Patent Information Application Driven by AI + Mobile Internet

QIU Gang,President,Patentics


The Current State of Opposition in Japan: Statistics and Our Recommendations

Toshiyasu ISHIOKA,Patent Attorney ,Pharmacist,SONAODA&KOBAYASHI Intellectual Property Law
WANGYanhui, Patent Attorney/Attorney-at-Law,SONAODA&KOBAYASHI Intellectual Property Law


How to Build an Effective System for IP Offense and Defense

Tony Shi,VP, Cellixsoft Corporation


Advantages to File European Patents via French Patents

Julien SCICLUNA, the French Patent & Trademark Attorneys Institute (CNCPI)


Smart Patent Prosecution Strategies for Chinese Applicants at the USPTO

Christopher J. Maier,Partner,Maier & Maier PLLC
Exhibitor Workshop

Room 307A


Technological Innovation、Industrial Development and Patent Strategy

Wu Handong, Former President of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law、Honorary
Chairman of Institute of Intellectual Property of China Law Society

Strengthening Patent Protection, helping the development of technological innovation

Gu Jinyan, Executive Director of Institute of Intellectual Property of CIPRUN


How can you reduce business and litigation risk in the U.S. by analyzing big data?

Emi Ohira , Attorney-at-law (admitted in California); patent attorney (admitted in Japan),Founder of DSA Legal Solutions, Professional Corporation


Global vision: AI innovation overview and analysis



Development and protection of high-value patents under background of strict patent protection

Advance China IP Law Office
Exhibitor Workshop

Room 307B


Guozhi Products Announcement

Beijing Guozhi Patent Warning Consulting Co. Ltd


Invalidation and Litigation: the Strategies and Skills in Patent War

Chofn Intellectual Property Service Co., Ltd.


Patent search and coping strategy for patent risk ——A multidimensional-sub divisional patent search service model

Chofn Intellectual Property Service Co., Ltd.


Case of patent in Japanese company for IoT and AI

Toshinori TANNO, Managing Partner , Japanese Patent Attorney,UNIUS patent attorneys office

Trends in Patent ApplicationaboutIoT (Internet of Things) technologies in Japan

Kimito Ogawa, CEO, Property Co., Ltd


Several key points of trade secrets protection for Chinese enterprises

Zhang Jizhe,chief editor of China Intellectual Property Magazine

The construction of trade secret protection system

Wu Tong, IPtalent Deputy General Manager

Banquet for Networking