Plenary Session

-Welcome/Opening Address
-Keynote Speech
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  • Fr��d��ric CAILLAUD
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  • Erich Andersen
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  • Allen Lo
  • Ira Blumberg
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Breakout Session 1 New Forms of Patent Monetization Part 1 Varied Forms of Patent Monetization Practices

-Market-oriented IP Operation Practices
-From Conflict to Partnering: NPE turns to Diversified Industries
-Characteristics of Emerging Patent Operation in Asia
  • Hideo Matsui
    President, Japio
  • Hideki Sanatake
    Deputy Group Executive of IP Headquarters, Canon Inc
  • Lv Rongbo
    Director of Planning and Developing Division, IPPH
  • Raymond Hegarty
    Managing Director, International Licencing, Intellectual Venture
  • Dan McCurdy
    Senior Vice President, RPX
  • Chul Choi
    Professor of law, Law School of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
  • Liu Xuefei
    Director of Patent Management Department, Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.

Breakout Session 1 New Forms of Patent Monetization Part 2 Europe: Next Main Venue for Patent Transaction?

-Strategy Implemented by Multinational in Europe Market
-What Delayed Unitary Patent System Means to Patent Monetization
-Patent Buyers and Sellers, Ready for the Change?
-The Influence of Brexit on Patent Monetization Market in Europe
  • John LaBarre
    Head of Patent Transaction, Google
  • Ran Handong
  • Ruediger Schwartz
    Head of IP& Licenses, R&D, Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
  • Tom Carver
    Partner, J A Kemp

Breakout Session 1 New Forms of Patent Monetization Part 3 Patent Licensing

-SEP Licensing and FRAND Principle
-Calculation of Royalties
-Prospect of Licensing in China
-Licensing Strategies and How to Choose it
  • Joo Sup Kim
    Vice President, IP, LG Electronics
  • Zhao Qishan
    IPR Director, Vice Director of Strategic Research Office, Legal Center, ZTE
  • Steven Liou
    Director of Intellectual Property Division, MediaTek Inc.
  • Frederic Vincent
    Strategic IP Consultant, Ipside
  • Ji Hoon Kim
    Principle Consultant, Asia Pacific,CPA Global
  • Wang Xiaoxu
    General Manager, Nanjing Technology Transfer Center Co., Ltd.

Breakout Session 2 IP Strategy Developing and Open Innovation

-Patents Converted to Cooperative Strength from Defensive Weapon
-Cross-licensing and Transfer of Patents
-A form of OI: Opening up Patent Portfolio
-Best Practice and Case Study
  • Tomoya Yanagisawa
    Director, Examination Policy Planning Office, JPO
  • Fan Zhang
    Director, Product & Solution Specialist, Thomson Reuters IP&Science
  • Kevin Huang
    Regional Director of Licensing, APAC, Open Invention Network
  • Lei Yun
    IP Director, LeEco Group
  • Li Dong
    Chief IP Counsel, Midea Group

Breakout Session 3 Enhancing Patent Protection in China

-China's Fourth Draft Amendment of the Patent Law on Administrative Protection Clauses
-Establishment and Mechanism of Rapid Patent Protection Center
-Administrative Enforcement in Field of E-commerce
-Current status of Administrative Protection of Copyright and Trademark
  • Zhao Meisheng
    Deputy Director of Patent Affairs Administration Department, SIPO
  • Luo Xia
    Judge of the Supreme People's court Intellectual Property Tribunal
  • Chen Wenxuan
    Senior Legal Cousel, Alibaba Group
  • Yang Hongju
  • Simon Schuster
    Head of Patent Protection, Audi China

Breakout Session 4 Big Data and Utilization of Patent Information - Part 1 Latest Development of Patent Information Utilization and New Product Release

-Patent Data Coverage
-Patent Search Tools
-Machine Translation
-Patent Management and Analysis Tools
-Legal Status

Breakout Session 4 Big Data and Utilization of Patent Information - Part 2 The Value of Patent Analysis

-Progress of Patent Information Services in Europe and Korea
-Patent Visualization Tools and Methods
-Development and Advance of Patent Analysts
-Relevance between Patent Information and Business data
  • Christine Kaemmer
    Product Distribution Services of EPO
  • Rhee Taekeun
    President of KIPI
  • Gerold Frers
    Head of Patent Search & Information, Siemens
  • Liu Huabing
    Director, Department of Technical Information, IPPH Co.,Ltd.
  • Peter Kallas
    Head of Chemicals & Engineering Information, Innovation Management, BASF SE.
  • Sun Xiaoyu
    Technical Leader, CPA Global

Breakout Session 5 Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship - Part 1 Intellectual Property, an Element that Should be Always Valued

-Intellectual Property Strategies Development for Start-ups
-Intellectual Property Assets Make Start-ups Prosper
  • Sun Bin
    Chief Legal Officer, Xiaomi Inc.
  • Feng Xiaoqing
    Director & Professor of Law, Institute of Intellectual Property
  • Liu Guanghua
    IP Manager, Guangzhou Huaduo Network Technology Limited company
  • Ziv Rotenberg
    Managing Partner, Group8 Consultants

Breakout Session6 PIUG-PIAC Asia 2016 Session

-PIUG - Learning & Networking Opportunities for Patent Information Users
-Bio Patent Searching in Assessment of FTO
-Chemistry Patent Searching for Determining Freedom-To-Operate
-Patent Analytics for Empowering Business Decisions
  • Cynthia Barcelon Yang
    Director of Enterprise Information Management Services, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Sunny X. Wang
    Global Head of Patent Operations, Sanofi
  • Susanne Hantos
    Patent Attorney and Manager of Patent Intelligence Services, Davis Collison Cave

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