The 5th Patent Information Annual Conference of China (PIAC) will be launched in September 11-12th in Beijing. Focusing on hot IP events, PIAC 2014 will bring together IP authorities to discuss issues like patent utilization strategies, development of China's patent commercialization, etc..

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Plenary Session

-Keynote Speech
  • Mark Ringes, General Counsel at IBM

Breakout Session 1 Corporate Practice of IP Management

-Creating Patent Strategy
-Patent Information Utilization
-Discussion Panel: Career Development and Building of IP Talents
-Discussion Panel: Collaborative Innovation of Company, Research Institute and College
  • Thomas Lorenz, Vice President of BASF SE, President of Patent Documentation Group
  • Gerold Frers, Siemens
  • Li Yi, Huawei
  • Liu Chuntian, Director of Intellectual Property College, Renmin University of China
  • Ren Feng, Director of IP Department, Panasonic

Breakout Session 2 Patent Monetization

-Patent Valuation Method and System
-Justifying Selling or Buying
-Interpreting Related Policy in China
-Emerging Transaction Modes
-Living Status of NPE in China
-Influence of NPE on Chinese Enterprises
-Transformation of NPE
-Cross-licensing: redemption of NPE?
  • Paul M. Saraceni,Senior Vice President and Chief Intellectual Property Officer, RPX
  • Shen Jianfeng, Director of IP Department, ZTE

Breakout Session 3 Patent Issues Faced with Chinese Corporation Going Global

-IP Environment in Major Overseas Market
-Challenges and Opportunities
-How to Respond to Licensing Request by Corporations Abroad
-Tackling 337 Investigation
-Case Study

Breakout Session 4 Patent Information Products and Services

-Data Coverage
-Analysis Tools
-Machine Translation
-Patent Management

Breakout Session 5 Patent Right Protection

-Price Paid for Infringement
-Punitive Damages
-Balance of Patent Right Protection and Anti-trust

I think it's very well-organized, a lot of good topics and I think, compared to other conferences around the world, it's a very good one.

Gerard Pannekoek
President and CEO of IPXI

I think it's fantastic! And I encourage you to keep doing it and I appreciate the hard work you were all put in the program.

Allon Stabinsky
Director for Patent Litigation in Intel

I think you are doing such an important job, and you are doing it very professionally——to let the world know the knowledge of such an important area, and make the communication to work more effectively. An event like this is so helpful, please keep doing good things!

Dr Richard Jennings
Deputy Director of Cambridge Enterprise

As I've spoken in many IP conferences in the United States and throughout the world, what I've seen in these two days is that this is a very successful conference that has brought a lot of people together.I think it's great!

Paul M. Saraceni
Senior Vice President and Chief Intellectual Property Officer, RPX Corporation

This is not only the fusion of wisdom, but an excellent gathering of meeting friends. I believe PIAC will keep on promoting international exchanges of patent information and the development of global patent information services.

Tian Lipu
Ex-Commissioner of SIPO

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