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Plenary Session 9:00—11:50, September 11th
9:00—9:20 Opening Ceremony Welcome Speech by President, Intellectual Property Publishing House
Speech by SIPO Officer
9:20—10:20 Keynote Speech Keynote Speech 1
Ma Weiye, Director of Patent Management Department, State Intellectual Property Office
Keynote Speech 2
10:20—10:50 Tea Break  
10:50—11:50 Keynote Speech Information Makes Qualitative Innovation-- Global Perspectives Needed during Innovation Processes of Chinese Enterprises
He Jia, Executive President, Incoshare
Keynote Speech 3
Paul Fehlner, Head Intellectual Property PH,Novartis Pharma AG
Keynote Speech 4
Mark Ringes, Vice President and Chief IP Counsel, IBM Corporation
11:50—13:00 Lunch  
Breakout Session 1 Corporate Practice of IP Management
September 11th
Part 1 Creating Patent Strategy
  • Compete in Domestic and Overseas Market
  • Merger & Acquisition: Aligning Patent Strategy with Business Strategy
  • Policy Choices to Deal with Infringement
Thomas Lorenz, Vice President, BASF SE
John Li, Head Intellectual Property PH China, Novartis Pharmaceuticals (China)
Huang Jing, IP Director, Qihoo 360 Technology
Linda Guo, Managing Director, China Intellectual Property & Science, Thomson Reuters
Bai Baoguo, VTRON Technologies
Xu Weifeng, IP Director, Xiaomi
Ruediger Schwarz, Head of IP & Licenses, Research & Development, Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., Ltd
September 12th
Patent 2 Patent Information Utilization
  • Patent Search in Patent Strategy Study
  • Method and Procedure of Patent Information Analysis
  • Patent Alert and Risk Control
Gerold Frers, Head of Patent Search & Information, Siemens AG
Li Yi, Head of Patent Search and Analysis Team, Huawei
Thomas Lorenz, President of Patent
Documentation Group
IP Office of Guangdong Province
September 12th
Part 3 Discussion Panel: Career Development and Building of IP Talents
Panelists: Liu Chuntian, Director of Intellectual Property College,Renmin University of China
Ren Feng, Director of IP Department, Panasonic
Sun Bin, Head of Patent Management, BOE
Zheng Yongfeng, General Attorney, TASLY Holding Group
André Werner,Director,European Patent Office
September 12th
Part 4 Discussion Panel: Collaborative Innovation of Company, Research Institute and College
Coordinating the Patent Strategy
Panelists: TBA
Breakout Session 2 Patent Monetization
September 12th
Part 1 Patent Transaction Market in China
  • Patent Valuation Method and System
  • Justifying Selling or Buying
  • Interpreting Related Policy in China
  • Emerging Transaction Modes

Feng Xiaoqing, Professor of University of Political Science and Law
Liu Wutang, Beijing Liancheng Asset Valuation Ltd.
Paul M. Saraceni,Senior Vice President and Chief Intellectual Property Officer, RPX
Lin Peng, President and CEO,Zhigu
Pascal ASSELOT, Head of Licensing and Development group, France Brevets
September 12th
Part 2 Non Practicing Entity (NPE)
  • Living Status of NPE in China
  • Influence of NPE on Chinese Enterprises
  • Transformation of NPE
  • Cross-licensing: redemption of NPE?

Intellectual Venture
Shen Jianfeng, Director of IP Department, ZTE
Hiroyuki Takahori,General Manager, Tokyo Office, Conversant
Breakout Session 3 Patent Issues Faced with Chinese Corporation Going Global
September 11th
Part1 Theory
  • IP Environment in Major Overseas Market
  • Challenges and Opportunities
Patrice Vidon, Former President of CNCPI
Hirokazu Nakano,Director of the Multilateral Policy Office,International Policy Division, Japan Patent Office
Part2 Practice
  • How to Respond to Licensing Request by Corporations Abroad
  • Tackling 337 Investigation
  • Case Study
Jiang Yinxin, IP Director of Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc
Stanley Young, Partner of COVINGTON & BURLING LLP
He Jia, Executive President, Incoshare
Breakout Session 4 Patent Information Products and Services
September 11th
What’s New In the Market?
  • Data Coverage
  • Analysis Tools
  • Machine Translation
  • Patent Management
East Linden
Dawei Soft
Lexis Nexis
Breakout Session 5 Patent Right Protection
September 12th
Part 1 Punitive Damages
Part 2 Antitrust
  • Price Paid for Infringement
  • Punitive Damages
  • Balance of Patent Right Protection and Anti-trust
Jiang Ying, Judge of Intellectual Property Court, The First Intermediate People's Court of Beijng
Shao Wei, Partner, NTD Patent & Trademark Agency
Tao Xinliang, Director of Intellectual Property College, University of Shanghai
Jet Zhisong Deng, Partner, Dacheng Law offices
September 12th
1 Protection of Trade Secret
2 Standard and Patents
Yang Guoquan, Patent Attorney, CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office
Roundtable Discussion
September 12th
1.What Search Tool the Industry Need?
2. Skills of IP Management by SME
September 11th
Minesoft Workshop  
September 11th
STN Workshop
ProQuest Dialog Workshop
September 12th
The Building Blocks of IP Strategy: Patent Landscapes and Whitespace Analysis
Samuel Davis,Director of Business Development for the East Asia region
Zhang Baipeng, Patent Consultant Manager, Incoshare
September 12th
Property & UNIUS