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Plenary Session 9:00-12:10, September 11th Room 309


Opening Ceremony

·Welcome Address by Bai Guangqing, President of Intellectual Property Publishing House

·Opening Address by Shen Changyu, Commissioner of State Intellectual Property Office

·Address by Wang Binying, Deputy Director-General of WIPO

Coordinator: Professor Wu Handong, Former President of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law
Keynote Speech


·Strategies for Realizing Corporate IP Value

  Ma Weiye, Director of Patent Management Department, State Intellectual Property Office


·Intellectual Property Advances Innovation and Creativity

  Lu Guoliang, Deputy Director, WIPO China Office


·World-Class Corporate IP Management Strategies

  Paul Fehlner, Head Intellectual Property PH,Novartis Pharma AG


· Enhancing Patent Information Utilization, Boosting Development of IP Services

  Ma Xianmin, Director of Guangdong Intellectual Property Office


Tea Break
Keynote Speech


· Integrating Patent Operation with Economic Development

  Mark Ringes, Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, IP Law, IBM Corporation


·Information Makes Qualitative Innovation--Global Perspectives Needed during Innovation Processes of Chinese Enterprises

  He Jia, Executive President, Incoshare


·Innovation in Intellectual Services in the IT Age

  Zhu Yan,Vice Secretary of Party Committee of EMBA College, Tsinghua University


Breakout Sessions and Exhibitor Workshops 13:00-17:30, September 11th
Breakout Session 1 Corporate Practice of IP Management Room 309
Coordinator: Ben Wang, Head of Patents, Unilever R&D Center


Part 1 Creating Patent Strategies

· How can Patent Information Contribute to the Success of Chemical Companies Globally?

  Thomas Lorenz, Vice President, BASF SE
  Jim Ross, Deputy General Counsel of Microsoft

· IP Strategy Choices to Deal with Infringement

  Huang Jing, IP Director, Qihoo 360 Technology

· Chinese Corporate Trends and Globalization for IP

  Linda Guo, Managing Director, China Intellectual Property & Science, Thomson Reuters

· Shifting IP Strategies for New Advanced Therapies

  John Li, Head Intellectual Property PH China, Novartis Pharmaceuticals (China

· IP Strategy Choices for Enterprises at Different Stages

  Bai Baoguo, VTRON Technologies

·Patent Strategy for Affiliated Company's Offices

  Ruediger Schwarz, Head of IP & Licenses, Research & Development, Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., Ltd
Breakout Session 2 Patent Issues Faced with Chinese Corporation Going Global Room 311A
Coordinator: Zhou Xiang, Chief Judge of the IPR Tribunal of Supreme People's Court


·IPR Strategies in Europe and Worldwide for Innovative Chinese Companies

  Patrice Vidon, Former President of CNCPI

·IP Environment in Japan

  Hirokazu Nakano,Director of the Multilateral Policy Office, International Policy Division, Japan Patent Office

·IP Issues and Solutions amid Industrial Internationalization

  Meng Haiyan, Director of Industrial Strategy Section, Department of Protection and Coordination, State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO)

·Tackling 337 Investigations

  Stanley Young, Partner of COVINGTON & BURLING

·The Ways for Chinese Enterprises to Defeat Powerful Opponents in Patent Operation and Litigation

  Jiang Yinxin, IP Director of Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc

·IP Considerations in Cross-border M&A

  James F. Brelsford, Principal IP Advisor, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP and Affiliates

·Escort Chinese Enterprises to Go abroad with Patent Information

  Zhang Baipeng, Patent Consultant Manager, Incoshare
Breakout Session 3 Patent Information Products and Services Room 310
Coordinator: Liu Li, Director, Domestic Sales and Marketing, Intellectual Property Publishing House


·Innovative Patent Information Utilization and Services Covering Full Life Circle of Patents

  Dr. Xie Hongxia, Consulting and Training Center, Intellectual Property Publishing House

·Professional Patent Search in STN – from Chinese Medicine to a IP – Protected Materials- the One Case

  Dr. Elke Mueller, Head STN Sales Industry & IP


  Sandrine Ammanne, Marketing & Communications Officer, WIPO

·PatBase: Stay One Step Ahead with PatentResearch and Analysis

  Charlotte Osborne, Minesoft

·LindenPat: Patent Search and Analysis Tool

  Sun Ruiyang, President East Linden

·Analyzing Big Data in Depth and Mining the US, CN, and Global Patent Information

  Qiu Gang, General Manager, Patentics

·New Discovery of JP Full Text Data: Library of PDF Documents

  Alan Engel, Paterra

·Solution to IP Drive Management in Its Full Process

  Pang Junliang, CTO, Baoding Dawei Computer Software Development Co., Ltd.

·How LexisNexis can Support Making Your Way Through the Chanllenging World of US Patent Prosecution

  Michiel Bruijn , Senior Director, LexisNexis

·Promote Patent Information and Commercialized Service with Strength

  Li Qiang, Director, Guangdong IP Research & Development Center

·Light of Wisdom – Walk along with IP

  Li Lei, Program Director, Ourchem

·Innovative IP Services

  Chen Jinsong, General Director, Hengcheng Intellectual Solutions

·IncoPat -- Chinese Enterprises will have to Hold World Top Intelligence Well in Hand

  Chen Weiran, Incoshare
Exhibitor Workshop Room 307A


· One Step ahead with PatBase -- Search, Review and Analyse East and West Patent Data with one Powerful, Single Database

  Jia Lu, Minesoft


ProQuest Dialog – Global Intelligent Search Tool

   Flora Jiang,Sales Manager, ProQuest Dialog
Steven Zhou, Product Specialist,ProQuest Dialog


Online Foreign Patent Filing Worldwide – A New Approach to International Patent Filing and Budgeting with the Filing Platform.

   Reinhard Ottway, CEO, RWS Group Wanghua, RWS Beijing
Exhibitor Workshop Room 307B


· IP Strategies Support Chinese Corporation Going Abroad

  Fan Zhang, Director, Products & Solutions, Thomson Reuters IP & Science
Daniel Zhang, IP Services & Custom Solutions Manager, Thomson Reuters IP & Science


STN-IP Value Maximization Tool

  Yu Min, Marketing Manager, STN China


Questel – Leading you all along the IP Lifecycle

  Ye Qing, Patent Consultant, Questel


Banquet for Networking