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State Intellectual Property Operation Public Service Platform (SIPOP)

As the vital pivot of “1+N” IP operationand service system, State Intellectual Property Operation Public Service Platform (SIPOP) provides core carrier and fundamental support for thesystem which combines four major characters including platforms, organizations, capital as well as industries. Being the “1” in the “1+N”system, SIPOP is integrated by IP operation platforms (centers) as branches all over China with regional, functional and industrial features; IP operation organizations as nodes and IP operation funds for key industries as pillars. realizing ainterconnection of business flow, information flow and capital flow step by step.While striving to establish anoperation network worldwide with unified rules, SIPOP is forging an omni-platform covering a whole flow of process including innovation cultivation, IP creation, application and protection throughout online and offline,with the aim tobuild an IP operation ecosystem with omni-elements and aggregated resources.