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Sichuan Intellectual Property Office

 Sichuan Intellectual Property Office is a department-level institution directly under the provincial government, which is in charge of patent and international intellectual property rights in the province. Guided by Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, Sichuan Office adheres to the   working idea abbreviated "12345" and provides strong support for the high-quality development.  "One principal line" is to build a leading intellectual property province; "Two questions" are required to answer the own  high-quality development and promoting high-quality development; "Three degrees" are to focus on enhancing visibility, displaying, contribution; "Four closeness" are  close to all the resources related to the innovative activities,  the innovative enterprises and innovators,  the most intensive areas of innovative activities; "Five services" are to service for the high-quality industrial development, high-level open, high-efficiency innovative activities, high-quality life and rural revitalization.