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Minesoft Ltd.

Minesoft (UK, Germany, USA, Japan) has developed global patent information products and online services for over 20 years.  PatBase is the biggest searchable database of patent data covering over 100 countries and has an advanced User Interface in Mandarin as well as English and Japanese. PatDocs was developed for Patent Attorneys and Paralegals for their documentation requirements. PatentOrder is the trusted original document international ordering service for patents. Patent Tracker saves you hours of time monitoring Legal Status issues. Pat-KM combines competitive intelligence in your area of technology with your own personal company archive to keep patent intelligence safe.  Minesoft has been delivering services to top companies - to their Patent / Legal departments and Researchers - for 20 years. Our innovative software and data solutions help you develop and maintain your own patent strategy. Minesoft always provides Chinese services for you.

Please attend our WORKSHOP at 10:00-11:00 on Friday 31st August 2018 at 307A to discover more.